Weight loss within a week

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Weight loss within a week

Weight loss within a week naturally

The body weight loss within a week not only needs the energy to move. It also uses energy to keep warm, digest food, make the heartbeat and make the brain work. The body gets this weight loss within a week of energy from food.

If as much energy comes in as is used, the weight remains stable. Is there less coming in? Then the body will look for other energy sources to get enough energy and will use its reserves. The largest reserves of the body are the fat reserves. But protein reserves (muscles) can also be used for energy.

1.Replace drinks

A glass of fruit juice from a pack quickly contains just as many calories as a glass of cola. Alcohol-based drinks contain even more calories. Losing 5 pounds becomes very difficult if you drink so much sugar!

2.Fresh and light meals

Now that the winter is behind us, we can also stop the substantial winter cost.

3. Go for a week of balancing or detoxing

You can easily burn some winter kilos by balancing for a week or two. Choose to eat healthier, which means that you also lose weight – as in our online Blei body course.

By the way, did you know that you lose 5 kilos quickly if you purify your body from waste? By detoxing a week, you can quickly lose a few pounds because your bowels are rinsed properly!

4.Replace your snacks

Fat snacks and tasty sweet chocolate bars do not belong in the spring. Replace your unhealthy snacks as much as possible with healthy ones. For example, try replacing many snacks with fresh fruit and raw vegetables. There are few calories in it and it also fills well. It is easier to lose 5 pounds if you are not hungry all the time!

5. More vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants!

If you are losing weight it is important that you simply get all the important nutrients. Remember that you get enough weight loss within week vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. You can find these nutrients in part in healthier foods (such as in vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products). To check whether you get enough good substances you can do the nutrition test: Start the Nutrition test.

6. Find a replacement for your greatest comfort

Because we eat much more in the winter than is good for us, it is possible that you have slowly become ‘addicted’ to food. Do you notice that you can’t get through the evening without cookies, cheese or chocolate? The food may have become a way for you to find comfort and comfort. This is not a healthy development!

7. Increase daily exercise

Become aware of your daily exercise and try to get more from it. You get in the car or public transportation every day, but is it possible to take your bike to work? Or can you go to a specific junction by bike (for example to the train station)?

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