Weight loss program

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Weight loss program

Weight loss program fast

Special applications weight loss program that will help you make a plan for nutrition and exercise. Losing weight will be easy and weight loss program not boring.

Lose weight by summer traditionally begin after the New Year, on the first day of spring and after the May holidays. In order for the intention to grow into a real result, start now.

1.Calorie counting applications

The main principle of all diets – consume fewer calories than you spend. To do this, calculate the daily energy consumption and track every piece that falls into the mouth. Weigh yourself a portion of the food yourself, the rest will be counted for you by the application.

2.Fat Secret

Completely free application with an intuitive interface. It takes into account the total caloric content, the number of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates consumed. A large database of products in which you can weight loss program find dishes of popular restaurant chains. In addition to BZHU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), the program takes into account the amount of sugar, fiber, sodium, cholesterol. Shows statistics for the day, current and last week.

3.My Fitness Pal

It can take into account the calories and BZHU, follow the statistics. There are more than 6 million products in the database, and it is replenished daily. MyFitnessPal is convenient for those who travel frequently or prefer products that are rarely found in Russia. Most likely, the desired product will be in the database, so you will not have to manually add it.


The application is not only functional but also beautiful. Each product is accompanied by a photo, and YAZIO looks like an electronic version of a glossy magazine. You can keep food and exercise diaries, make your products. Among the minutes – you cannot add your own recipes.


This app not only considers how much you ate. It will also help you to choose products so that you lose weight according to weight loss program the chosen plan, quickly or according to a sparing scheme. And we are not talking about restricting the diet: Lifesum will leave familiar products on the menu but will advise you on what size to take in order not to overeat. A separate application option – accounting for the volume of water consumed.

6.Sports applications

To get a dream figure, one diet is not enough. Strong muscles under a small layer of fat visually benefit from an untrained, but thin body. To add to your weight loss exercise plan.


Circuit training on the main muscle groups. From the equipment will need only a chair. One lap takes seven minutes, but you can increase the workout to an hour. Exercises seem weight loss program simple but well load unprepared athlete. The technique of execution is shown in the figures. In the paid version, you can make your workouts depending on the goal.

8.Nike Training Club

More than 150 workouts for different levels of training. You can choose a program for the whole body or focus on certain muscles. Technique exercises show instructors. There are programs for home workouts – without equipment or with a modest set of dumbbells, and for the gym.


In the application, you can enter your exercise program or use one of the finished. Record the number of approaches, repetitions, and the weight of the shells. The training program can be painted on days of the week and loaded with a flick of a finger.


More than 140 ready-made training programs and the ability to add your own. The application stores the training history and weight loss program analyzes it, generating statistics. You can add your own exercises with a description of the equipment and photos.


Conceptually, Aerobia is a social network for athletes. It allows you to record all workouts and share it with friends. It keeps track of the distance and shows the route on the map. Among the options that you can choose for training in the fresh air, not only running and walking but also cycling, skiing, roller skating and other ways to move in space in the name of health.

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