Walking for weight loss

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Walking for weight loss

Walking for weight loss rapidly

Hello, my dear friends. How Walking for weight loss much do you walk on foot? I am sure a few people thought that normal walking can be useful for losing weight. After all, we go to work, study, shopping and at the same time do not lose weight. The whole trick is that you Walking for weight loss need to walk correctly.

Consider what factors affect performance. And also the speed of your movement. So, walking for weight loss reviews results and research.

This type of physical activity is natural, therefore it has practically no contraindications. But the positive effects on body weight. In 2014, Indiana University conducted a study on the effects of walking on the body.

But back to walking. Systematic walking improves metabolism and prevents physical inactivity. In addition, they help to improve blood circulation in the spine. As a result, the nutrition of its structures is improved. Bone tissue becomes denser, and intervertebral discs become more mobile. As you can see, the advantages of this simple aerobic load weight.


This type of exercise affects all muscle groups. Therefore, it allows you to burn about 400 calories per hour. At the same time, unlike running, it does not overload the heart muscle and joints. In order to lose weight, the walking speed should be at least 6-7 km / h. This is quite a quick step as if you are somewhere late. In a separate article, I made a convenient table for how much you need to walk in order to burn the required number of calories.

When moving, the posture should be kept straight, shoulders slightly lowered. When moving the spine should be extended. Be sure to work with your hands.


If you cannot walk through rough terrain or park, you can walk at home. To do this, use the exercise – walking on the spot. This type of aerobic exercise perfectly strengthens the musculoskeletal system. As well as the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. And still, such loading strengthens skeletal muscles and improves metabolism.

That is why it is effective for losing weight. True, if you practice regularly, at least half an hour a day. Be sure to actively moving his hands. Begin with 10 minutes. Then you need to gradually bring the exercises to half an hour. For more intensive weight loss will need to do 1-1.5 hours a day. In a minute you have to do 50-60 steps, then in an hour, you will burn about 300 calories.


This is Scandinavian walking. Its peculiarity is that you walk with sticks. This is a very effective way to lose weight. With such walking, 90% of the muscles of the whole body are involved. Great, right? Therefore, calories are burned much faster than with a quiet walk. Scientists estimate that such an aerobic load is 45% more effective than regular walking without sticks.

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