Potato diet plan for weight loss

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Potato diet plan for weight loss

Potato diet plan for weight loss easily

The best way of Potato diet plan for weight loss is a universal way to lose weight. It is easy to stick to a diet, and by following simple rules you can achieve good results. It remains to find out all the pros and cons of diet food and choose Potato diet plan for weight loss the appropriate menu.

How does the potato diet

By following the potato diet, you can cheaply and effectively lose those extra pounds. Vegetables are sold in any store or market, they are relatively inexpensive. Low-calorie potatoes, 100 g contains only 60−70 kcal. Potato dishes are nutritious, so hunger is not felt keenly. Potato dietary nutrition improves the cardiovascular system, helps normalize blood pressure, Potato diet plan for weight loss and calms the nervous system. Despite all the advantages, it is better to consult a doctor before starting a diet.

Observing a rigid mono-diet, it is advisable to take synthetic vitamins, otherwise, skin and hair problems may occur. The diet is unsuitable for winter. With long-term storage in potatoes, a lot of starch accumulates, which leads, on the contrary, to weight gain, while there are few vitamins and minerals. Therefore, for the diet menu, use young fruits.

Potato diet for weight loss

Diet for 5−9 days, at which you can lose up to 500 g per day. For breakfast, drink 200−220 g of nonfat milk or kefir. Lunch consists of 300−350 g of boiled potatoes in the water. Prepare a salad for dinner: boil 2 potatoes in their skins or bake. Add fresh cucumber, lettuce, a pinch of black pepper and one boiled egg, season with 2–3 Tsp. olive oil.

Tough mono diet. Every day, eat 1.5 kg of potatoes. The first three days of baking potatoes, divided into 4−6 servings. The next three days, boil the potatoes in their skins. The last 3 days you can make mashed potatoes with vegetable oil, alternate with baked or steamed potatoes. During the diet, drink at least 2 liters of liquid: water, unsweetened green tea, broth. For 7 days it may take 6-8 kg, but it is not recommended to stick to a diet for more than 9 days.

Potato-cottage cheese diet for 7−11 days. For breakfast, eat 3−4 potatoes and 110−120 g of low-fat curd mass or cheese. For lunch 210−250 g of stewed vegetables or salad from fresh cabbage, carrots and onions, 50 g of boiled chicken fillet. For dinner – one boiled egg and a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt. This diet is more balanced, but the process of losing weight is slower.

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