Nuts for weight loss

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Nuts for weight loss

Nuts for weight loss quickly

Recently, nuts for weight loss a lot of talks and write about the fact that nuts are a valuable source of nutrients. However, the nuts for weight loss are rarely recommended to dieters, mainly due to their high energy value. But is there any real reason for fear of including them in the diet in the process of losing weight?

Nuts are an extensive group of foods. In our market are available, in particular, walnut and Brazilian varieties, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts (it is curious that in terms of botany is a legume) and other species. In addition to the fact that they differ in name, appearance, and taste, each variety has its own nutritional value. Their common feature is the relatively high content of many vitamins and minerals, as well as vegetable fats, hence the high caloric content of this food group.


The leader among the nuts for weight loss. Contains omega-3 fatty acids, a lot of fiber and protein. When eaten creates a feeling of fullness of the stomach, thus reducing cravings for high-calorie fatty and sweet foods.


Like almonds, walnuts help to lose weight, because they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and protein. Even during the diet, nuts for weight loss you can eat them daily, but in small quantities (1-2 pieces). This will help cleanse the body of so-called bad cholesterol and protect the heart from heart disease.

 3.Cashew nuts

Too, can be considered among the most useful dietary products. They give a feeling of satiety, but, in addition to dietary fiber and healthy fats, can boast a phosphorus and zinc content – trace elements that promote weight loss.


Pistachios are known as one of the lowest-calorie nuts. For example, you can eat 50 pieces and it will be only 160 calories.


As it turned out, accelerates the metabolism at rest up to 11%. This issue and the relevant research results are reviewed in detail in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The authors of the experiments suggest that nuts for weight loss dietary properties, in this case, are associated with a high concentration of unsaturated fats, which, in combination with vegetable protein, can have a thermogenic effect.

6.Pine nuts

Scientists report that cedar oil derived from Korean fruit can suppress appetite. It turns out that biologically active substances in the composition of the product contribute to the development of two hormones in the human body, which reduce the feeling of hunger. The effect lasts for 30 minutes. Does this property apply to Siberian nuts, American researchers do not say.

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