List of fruits for weight loss

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List of fruits for weight loss

List of fruits for weight loss fattest

Fruits contain a list of fruits for weight loss a lot of sugars and stimulate the appetite, so much losing weight avoid them. And in vain: there are fruits that help in losing weight and fighting overweight. Unless, of course, choose them correctly. We offer you the heed of the best list of fruits for weight loss fruit for weight loss charts!


It has one of the lowest glycemic indices among fruits – grapefruit sugar is absorbed slowly, and it contains a minimum of calories. It is rich in fiber, so it nourishes well. “Grapefruit is a good snack if you really want to eat after dinner,” advises Marina Apletaeva, a dietitian at the Emerald Medical Center. “You won’t eat much anyway.”

2.An Apple

Raw appetite, as the fruit acids in the apple, provoke the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The solution is to bake apples: as such, they create a long feeling of satiety and do not irritate the gastric mucosa. The perfect breakfast or snack at work. Quickly bake the apple in the microwave, adding a little water.


Like grapefruit, it contains a lot of dietary fiber and not too much fruit sugar. Orange is a healthy, low-calorie snack; it is best to eat it separately from other foods. One of the best sources of vitamin C.

4.A pineapple

 There is a myth that pineapple burns fat in the body. “This tropical fruit contains various enzymes that facilitate the process of digestion,” says Marina Apletaeva. – If you combine it in dishes with fatty foods, fats are absorbed more slowly and less likely that the excess will be deposited in the body. But to say that overweight is burned by pineapple is wrong.


 Banana girls on a diet are considered almost their worst enemy: starchy, sweet and high-calorie … And yet it is an excellent replacement for one meal, if, for example, you are on the road or if you forget a healthy lunch at home. In a pair of medium-sized bananas no more than 250 kcal and 1-2 g of fat. Banana, unlike the most list of fruits for weight loss raw fruits, does not irritate the digestive system. Like an apple, it boasts plenty of fiber. If you need a snack before a hard workout, a banana is the best choice. Although, of course, abuse them on a diet is not worth it.


Pear contains a large amount of fiber, so many fruits just fade away on its background.

The high content of vegetable fibers will help to keep feeling of satiety longer, so you will eat less, and as a result, you will lose extra kilos.

In addition, due to the potassium content, pears reduce cholesterol levels and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.


Coconut as a sweet and nutritious snack is a great substitute for sweets during a diet.

Many avoid coconuts because of the high content of saturated fats. In fact, it is not at all those fats that should be avoided. For example, coconut oil contains fats consisting of medium chain fatty acids that are not deposited in the body.


Although mango fruits contain a little more sugar than all other fruits and berries from this list, when used moderately, they are very good for the body.

The mango contains 130 calories, 3 g of fiber, vitamins C and A, calcium. This list of fruits for weight loss in your diet will certainly be a good helper on the path to health and a slim figure.

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