Lemon water for weight loss

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Lemon water for weight loss

Lemon water for weight loss easily

How to lose weight, lemon water for weight loss

If you sit on a tedious diet there is neither time nor will power? Or if you want to get from the diet is not just a result, but a real wow-effect? It turns out that there are ways to lose weight, which work fine by themselves, and in tandem with a diet almost doubled its lemon water for weight loss effect. Tell about them!

To lose weight and stabilize weight, many nutritionists advise drinking water with lemon. Such a simple tool allows you to solve several problems that cause weight gain. If you use lemon water on an empty stomach, it helps to eliminate the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, this drink compensates for the lack of drinking clean water. Also, the tool effectively normalizes the activity of the intestines, stomach, and esophagus during the diet. But not only is this the benefit of drinking water with lemon. This drink allows you to speed up the metabolism and lose those extra pounds.

Recipes and methods of taking lemon water

There are several recipes for cooking water with lemon. For weight loss is suitable for several recipes that have been used lemon water for weight loss for many years. To vary the taste of water with lemon, you can use mint, honey, cinnamon, ginger, cucumber, and other products. These components will help make the diet not only tastier but also more effective.

1.Lemon Ginger Recipe

Delicious and healthy water is obtained with lemon for weight loss if you cook it according to a special recipe and add ginger to it. To prepare such a drink, which helps to get rid of extra pounds, you need juice from a pair of fresh lemons; 1 spoon of grated ginger; 4 glasses of water.

To get a valuable drink, water should be boiled and put into a cool ginger brew. The mass is removed from the stove. Dishes should be covered with a lid. When the infusion is infused, it should be drained. Here is the prescription of lemon juice. Drink such a tool should be before meals.

Reception is carried out approximately 20 minutes before eating. One serving equals one glass. The liquid must be warm.

2.Honey Lemon Water Recipe

 Reviews thinned with lemon water are very different. But most agree that such a citrus drink, diluted with honey, perfectly helps to lose unwanted pounds. This recipe is extremely simple and perfectly enriches the diet with vitamins and other valuable micronutrients. To prepare a healthy drink you need to take: 1 cup of drinking water; half a lemon; 1 teaspoon honey.

In a glass of water, you need to dissolve the honey and leave the sweet water for an hour. Then the juice of half lemons is squeezed here. The composition is stirred. It is necessary to drink means in the morning on an empty stomach. It is best to do it for 20 minutes before the main meal. This tool cleanses the body of toxins, dissolves fats and removes them from the body. In addition, citric acid, which is contained in the drink, activates the production of gastric juice, which leads to the normalization of digestion.

 3.Lemon water recipe with mint

 A lot of benefits during weight loss brings a recipe for water with lemon and mint. To prepare this composition, you must use 1 glass of water; juice of half a lemon; 1 sprig of mint (lemon balm).

Boil water. Add lemon juice and mint. The composition must be insisted for 10 minutes. The main thing is to keep lemon water for weight loss proportions right. Otherwise, to achieve weight loss will be extremely difficult. Drink water with lemon and mint should be in the morning. To lose weight, a glass of drink should be eaten on an empty stomach. Optimally – half an hour before meals. The appeal of this mint slimming agent, which is a powerful natural antiseptic, is that it adds sweetness to the spice. So it does not need additional sweeteners.

4.Lemon Water Cucumber Recipe

 Block hunger during the diet and get rid of extra pounds, you can use lemon water with the addition of cucumber. This cocktail is enriched with a record content of ascorbic acid. This is a natural antioxidant that normalizes the metabolic mechanism and thereby accelerates the process of losing weight. To make a lemon-cucumber drink, use: 1 cucumber (small or medium in size); 1 lemon; 1 l of water; ice cubes.

Detox-water for weight loss is easy to do. In a large jar or jug filled with water. There add ice, cucumber slices, and sliced citrus. Drink for an hour sent to the cold. Several times the water in the tank can be topped up without additional laying of other ingredients. Drink lemon water to fasting.

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