How to lose weight men fast

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How to lose weight men fast

How to lose weight men fast and quickly

Hiding a beer belly how to lose weight men fast under a jacket is harmful to personal life and dangerous to health. On the occasion of the main men’s holiday, we have collected the most important tips on how to lose weight to a man fast.

1. Do not forget about aerobic exercise

In men, the abdomen is often the first to increase: in this zone, fat is deposited and even the internal organs increase. This type of fullness leads to the risk of heart disease and many other problems. That is why men often rush mindlessly swing the press and do not understand why it does not work. “In order to effectively lose weight, a man in training first of all needs aerobic exercise,” says the instructor “LIVE!” Natalia Bakhireva. “In the gym, do more in the cardio zone, but in general, try to walk no less than 5 km a day and use the stairs instead of the elevator.”

2.Balance training

In addition to regular cardio load, strength training is required. “They help to increase the level of testosterone – the main male hormone, which largely depends on how a man looks like,” says Alexander Mironenko, instructor of “LIVE!” – In addition, the more muscle mass, the higher the metabolism, and the higher the metabolism, the more calories you spend, which means you lose weight faster! ”

3. Do not starve!

“The more you weigh now, the more you need to eat,” says nutritionist Ekaterina Belova. “Otherwise, you will not satisfy your metabolism and start swelling from hunger.”

Calorie restricted diets are a one-time action, after which weight will return very quickly. Do not go on a diet – just start to eat a right and balanced diet. This approach will allow you to say goodbye to being overweight not for a couple of months, but for a longer period.

 4. Eat consciously

If the previous point is unlikely to upset someone, then now we will talk about restrictions. There is a need enough, but the composition of the diet will have to change.

“To improve the quality of life and lose weight, a man first needs to abandon beer, fatty foods, flour and confectionery products, refined products and convenience foods that are harmful not only to the figure but also to health and male strength,” says Alexander Mironenko. – Lean on lean meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, and greens. And treat with special attention to the drinking regime: drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. “

5.Reduce portions

Does this seem impossible? No wonder: after all, your stomach, most likely, is greatly stretched. The most common reason for this is that many men eat rarely, mostly late in the evening after work and very much. The first time will not be easy: a three-course dinner will have to be replaced with one plate of food. And also find time for food in addition to dinner – because when you eat less in one sitting, you need to do it more often! But after a while, you will feel that you are eating less food, and save yourself from the heaviness in the stomach, bloating, and eventually with excess weight.

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