Green tea for weight loss

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Green tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss quickly

Green tea for weight loss is effective enough to ensure that this topic no and no and become the subject of heated debate in any women’s company. So slim green tea or not? And how much should you drink per day? And what if you add a couple of cheesecakes to tea – there will be no harm? Let’s try to answer these and other questions.

It is about replacing for a while all other drinks that you are used to using with green leaf tea without sugar. This is the way to achieve weight loss: an average of about 5 kg in 4-6 weeks. Perhaps not as much as you would like, but note that your diet doesn’t change!

Green tea is best for weight loss

In order to preserve all the beneficial properties of green tea, it is necessary to brew it properly. There are only two main secrets of brewing: water temperature water quality Use for brewing green tea only purified water without excessive calcium and chlorine. Otherwise, your drink will lose its flavor, taste, and benefits to the body. Therefore, it is best to buy water intended for baby food, or thoroughly clean tap water with filters. The water temperature when brewing green tea should be no higher than 80 degrees. Otherwise, the catechins will dissolve and will not bring any benefit. Therefore, boil a kettle of water and let it cool for 3-5 minutes, depending on the air temperature in the room and the dishes in which the water will cool.

Green tea with jasmine

Such an additive will not help you lose weight faster and more efficiently, but it will make the drink tastier. Most often, jasmine is not added to tea additionally, since there is a ready-made version of this mixture on sale. If you like jasmine tea, there are no obstacles to drinking it on the background of a diet. Make it as usual, but do not forget: no sugar!

Just green tea and cinnamon

 Slimming green tea with cinnamon: pour a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with boiling water and add 2/3 cups of green tea, strain the mixture and drink no more than 2-3 cups a day.

Green tea with milk

You can replace dinner for a week during the week – during this time you will lose 2-3 kg. It is also quite acceptable to arrange to unload at a healthy drink – its duration should not exceed 2 days. For 1 day, it takes about 1-1.5 kg (although, for the most part, fluid is removed, and not fatty tissue). It is impossible to eat anything during unloading – the diet consists of tea with milk (1 l) and water.

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