Drinking water to lose weight

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Drinking water to lose weight

Drinking water to lose weight quickly

American scientist’s drinking water to lose weight from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in a randomized study found out how water helps to lose weight. For several months, the two control groups observed a different drinking regimen: the people from the first group drank a glass of water before eating, the second drank as usual. At the end of the experiment, it turned out that the first control group had in drinking water to lose weight total lost more weight.

The fact is that water is an essential element for the functioning of the body. We are 2/3 of water, and in the hardest organ of the body, bones, 22% of water, in muscles and brain –75%, in the blood – 92%, and in gastric juice – 99%. Without water, the most important metabolic processes, including energy, in which fat is involved would be impossible. A thirsty person cannot work efficiently since dehydrated cells are worse involved in energy exchange. With a lack of water and oxygen, glucose follows the path of anaerobic glycolysis. The result is lactic acid and only 2 ATP molecules. In aerobic glycolysis, when there is enough water and oxygen, pyruvic acid and 8 ATP molecules are formed. Anaerobic. But this process becomes the only source of energy for muscle cells in stressful drinking water to lose weight situation. In addition, the cell membrane in conditions of lack of water worse passes nutrients and throws waste into the lymph.

Slimming with water is possible if you follow simple rules.

1.Glass before meals

Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before meals. So you are guaranteed to reduce your appetite and eat less food. Bob Green, the personal trainer for popular American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, advised drinking water an hour before meals.

2. Do not drink cold water

Prefer water at room temperature. It is believed that the body spends more energy on the warming and absorption of cold water, and fatty foods thicken and worse absorbed by the intestines. In fact, cold water can lead to even greater weight gain. Cold water reduces the time the food stays in the stomach to 20 minutes. The lump passes into the intestines, and again you feel hunger. At this reception, fast-food businesses earn by offering sugary drinks with ice along with hamburgers.

3.Tea coffee

Water, please! In Europe, a cafeteria usually has a carafe on the tables in drinking water or is served before the main course. In Russia, it is practiced only in good restaurants. If you eat out, ask for a glass of drinking water. So you will bring benefits not only to your health but also to your wallet since the cost of drinks is often greatly overestimated.

4.Glass instead of plastic

Give preference to water in a glass container or drink boiled water. Water in plastic bottles is harmful to health because of the chemical compound bisphenol A. Bisphenol is especially active in the water when heated. The substance adversely affects the cardiovascular system and reproductive organs.

5.Tasteless water

If you don’t like the taste of pure water, try improving it a bit by adding fresh lemon, lime or orange juice. Simply squeeze the fruit into the container and enjoy the new taste. Remember that there is a lot of sugar in packaged juice, so it should be diluted with clean water.

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